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Whoa there... it’s Delaware-based, not bound!

Welcome to First State Destinations’ Social House - the best things to do in AND around Delaware! Are you ready? Join our community and unlock a lifestyle of endless possibilities.


As a member, enjoy exclusive access, to local entertainment and travel resources to experience the global convenience Delaware has to offer!

Get ready to take your passion for travel, entertainment, and lifestyle to the next level with our exclusive members-only social channel. Elevate your Social House experience - take your online connections and turn them into real-life interactions. Our social platform is thoughtfully designed to provide a comfortable and welcoming space that ignites your imagination and empowers you to embrace the possibilities. Here, you can discover, engage, and exchange ideas on the latest trends, plan meetups, and explore more! 

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Explore more of the best restaurants for food and drink in the Social House. Our community offers resources and recommendations to encourage you to explore new area codes and discover exceptional culinary experiences.

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Views & Vibes

Our origins may be Delaware-based, but remember, we’re not bound! We have a diverse community, from all around the world on the same mission: to change how we experience then First State! 

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Say goodbye to, “Delaware is boring”… because that’s just not true! Join our Social House and get access to exclusive events and special members-only advantages. Get ready to unlock travel and entertainment perks from first-look grand openings to members-only giveaways and happenings! 

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Welcome Home!

We are delighted to announce the event of the year! This event will feature a variety of exciting activities, live performances, and workshops. It will be a great opportunity to meet new people, expand your network, and learn something new. We encourage everyone to join us and make the most out of the event. So, mark the date and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime!

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